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Diet and nutrition

Get more power and energy by learning the basics of good nutrition.

Description of the service

  • Get more strenght and energy

  • Find a sustainable way of eating and enjoying food that lasts 

  • We level up your weekly meals into healthier versions

  • Eat a more nutritious diet

  • Lose weight

  • Stop the stress and anxiety eating

  • Break a sugar addiction

  • Learn why your body acts a certain way and why you can feel restless, tired or foggy/slow

  • Gain weight or maintain weight

  • Once and for all, end the constant yo-yo dieting

  • Eat a lot, tasty and healthy

  • Learn to eat without diets

  • Get tools to manage weekends, holidays, birthdays, A.W, etc.

  • Eating a vegan diet without risk of nutritional deficiencies

  • Cross-allergies

  • Intolerant or allergic to dairy, gluten or egg?
    No problem, we help you!

  • Food for diabetics

  • Learn about food intolerances food allergies

  • Pollen allergy sufferers react to certain foods!

  • Eat a vegetarian diet that is nutritious

  • Learn how to read and understand the Food index/Table of Content

  • Learn to interpret the ingredients on the groceries

  • Learn the basics of good nutrition

  • The ABC of food

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Cancellation policy

It is possible to book no later than 24 hours before your visit and you can cancel / rebook 48 hours before your visit. Your time expires in the event of a missed meeting and cancellation that occurs later than 24 hours before the meeting.

Contact information

111 52 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 739 90 16 21


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