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Stress and exhaustion

When body and mind have had enough. We give you all the tools you need.

Description of the service

  • Do you feel stressed?

  • Are you close to running out of energy both mentally and physically?

  • Do you find your body talking to you through various symptoms such as dizziness, forgetfulness, upset stomach, sleep deprivation etc.?

  • Do you find yourself having a hard time watching tv or read a book?

  • Do you have trouble sleeping?

  • Are you surrounded by people who take your energy?

  • Are you in an exhaustion right now?

  • Need tools to manage your journey?

  • Does your exhaustion seem endless?

  • Do you feel that the Healthcare system does not take you seriously?

  • Are you on your way back from an exhaustion?

  • Do you need tools to manage the return?

  • Do you need support facing the Healthcare system?


        We give you:

  • Tools and solutions

  • Learn why your body reacts to stress the way it does

  • Stress management / Learn how to manage/eliminate stress

  • Help dealing with energy thieves

  • Relaxation exercises

  • Body scan (a relaxation method)

  • Tips on how to decorate and furnish your home that creates peace and calmness

  • Help with getting a proper night's sleep

  • Tips and advice for doctor visits, sick leaves, and extensions

  • Recommendations on good books regarding this subject

  • Tips on good relaxation music

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Cancellation policy

It is possible to book no later than 24 hours before your visit and you can cancel / rebook 48 hours before your visit. Your time expires in the event of a missed meeting and cancellation that occurs later than 24 hours before the meeting.

Contact information

111 52 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 739 90 16 21


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