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Get more power / energy
Lose weight
Break a sugar addiction
Gain weight / maintain weight
Put an end to yo-yo dieting
Eat a lot, good and healthy
Eat without diets
Stop losing weight for good
Manage weekends, holidays, holidays, After Work etc.
Manage a vegan diet without malnutrition
Cross-allergies - what are they?
Gluten / lactose / egg-free diet
Food for diabetics
What are food intolerances?
Pollen allergies should be avoided with this diet!
Eat a vegetarian diet that is nutritious
Learn to read and understand tables of contents
Learn to interpret the ingredients
Learn the basics of good nutrition
Learn the ABC of food




Get strong
Get started with training!
Learn strength training
Tone the body
Klara Midnattsloppet
Strengthen the floor swing
Improve your condition!
Slow down aging
Increase intelligence
Get a tailored training program according to what you like and the tools you have at home
An exercise program for training at the gym
Home training
Prepare for the mountain hike, the Vasaloppet, the kayak trip, the skiing holiday?
Get your own personal trainer
Get a specially adapted training program that fits into your everyday life

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When the body has had enough
Do you feel stressed?
Are you about to run out of yourself?
Is the body starting to say goodbye with all sorts of symptoms?
Can't stand watching TV or reading anymore?
Do you have trouble sleeping?
Are you surrounded by people who take your energy?

Are you in the middle of an exhaustion?
Does the exhaustion seem endless?
Do you feel that care does not take you seriously?
Are you on your way back from a burnout?
Need tools to handle the return?
Do you need support before your contact with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency?

We give you:
Tools and solutions
Learn why the body reacts the way it does
Stress management
Relaxation exercises
Body scan (a relaxation method)
Help before F-cash meetings
Tips on how to decorate a home that creates peace and quiet

Get your night's sleep in order
Tips and advice for doctor visits, sick leave and extension
Recommendations for good books on the subject
Tips on good relaxation music



Do you have a dream come true?
Is it time to put yourself in focus?
Is it something you want and need
Do you really want to do something completely different from what you do today?
Do you prioritize others over yourself?
Do you miss the last push to take a decisive step?
A decisive step awaits?
Do you want to strengthen your self-esteem or self-confidence?
Do you want to make your dreams come true?
Do you dream of taking a dance course but do not dare to take the step?

Do you work too much and enjoy too little?
Do you need tools to learn to set boundaries?

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