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You get

30 minutes
free counselling!

Invest in yourself

while you are still healthy!

Health is not about how fit or unfit you are ...

It's about your mindset, the food you consume, current stress level & if and how you are training

Friska Morning
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We work with
diet, training, life coaching,
stress & exhaustion!

We see health as several parts combined with a  holistic point of view.

With nutritious food, a positive mindset, a low level of stress along with regularly exercise, wonder will happen!

It´s never too late to be the best version of yourself!

Our main goal is to improve people's general health through easy and healthy methods that last a lifetime.
We are well educated with a long expertise and experience.


No matter where you live, we can help you, regardless of your location.

We adapt the arrangement to your goals and personal circumstances.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced you are welcome to us.

  The wellness allowance applies, which means that it does not have to cost you anything initially.

In addition, we offer 30 minutes free consultation so you can see if this is something that suits you.



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Are you a beginner or experienced?
We help you regardless!

We make sure that you can train at home,
in the gym or outdoors.
You get a personal training program according to what you like, that suits your life!

You can train with the body as a weight, with dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, balance board, jogging or taking power walks!
You choose, the options are many!

For example, do you want to learn how to strength training, get better cardio and more energy?
Lose weight, tone your body, slow down the body's aging while increasing your intelligence?

Well then you have come to the right place!

your intelligence simply


Diet & Nutrition

Do you want to get more energy, eat tasty food,
be healthy and get fitter?

Do you want to lose weight and stop the eternal dieting?

Forget all about diets & quick fixes! Instead, eat
a lot and lose weight at the same time!

We teach you how and give you the basics of good nutrition.
We teach you what carbohydrates, protein and fat are, why they are needed, when and how much you need and which sources are good!

Do you know how to read and interpret a table of contents and a nutrition declaration?
We teach you!

We work with special diets (egg, gluten and lactose free), allergies, food intolerances and cross-allergies!

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Life coaching

Do you have a dream?
Is it time to make yourself a priority?
Is there something in your life you feel you need to change?


Do you in fact want to do something completely different with your life, from what
you're doing right now?


Do you put everyone else first and yourself second?

Do you live your life exactly the way you want or is it something that holds you back?

Regardless of whether you have a small or big step to take in life, we are here to give you the push in the right direction you may need.

We challenge you in your thoughts and encourage you to live your life based on what you want!

We work to strengthen your self-image, self-worth and self-esteem, help you set boundaries and make you flourish!

We give you perspective and make visible what you need to do more of that gives you energy and joy!

We have exciting and fun tasks to work with, if you wish, everything for you to develop! 


new opportunities

Not all storms
your life,
your path

Stress & exhaustion

We give you solid advice and tips for a sustainable everyday life and share several easy ways that allow you to save your energy, and at the same time lower your stress level!

It can be anything from how to minimize stress at work, in your private life, in social media, in your home, with the kids, to how you can get a good night's sleep that makes you well rested!


Whether you need advice on stress management, going back to work after a long sick-leave or
if you are in a state of exhaustion,
we will help you with stress reducing exercises, facts and recommendations on
good literature and music.


We teach you why the body reacts as it does during times of stress or chronic stress and a lot more! 

In addition, if the body has begun to speak up
with various symptoms, such as dizziness, confusion, forgetfulness, difficulty reading,
hearing sounds, watching TV, an upset stomach and much more, then you have definitely
come to the right pace! 


​ We help you with what to think about when it comes to sick leaves, extensions of them, meetings with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and other things that can be good to know and think about, so that the process runs smoothly!

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Become so strong mentally & physically that you can do what you want!

Never settle for less! 

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